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WHO | Hazard prevention and control in the work environment

If substitution is not feasible, ways should be sought of reducing dust generation. For example, substances might be used as pellets or in liquid suspension, rather than as powders, or, brought in as pre-formed blocks, rather than being cut in the workplace. Any wet method is likely to cause less dust exposure than a dry one.

Eight steps to reduce dust in the workplace

Aug 31, 2012 · Dust is an unnecessary evil for most worksites. Once in the air, it creates an unhealthy work environment and can reduce worksite productivity and safety. Basic construction processes such as cutting, drilling, grinding and breaking are the main causes of dust. Cutting concrete, for example, can produce up to 15 kilograms of dust in one hour.


Water spray/mist. Use of airborne dust wet suppression system as required. Cover stockpiles during sustained wind greater than 20 miles per hour and at the end of each day. Soil Loading, Hauling, and Backfill Replacement Use of airborne dust wet suppression system and water spray mist as required.

Local government air quality toolkit

Movement of vehicles in and out of the site and around the site can generate dust. The simplest way of determining whether a potential problem exists with respect to fugitive dust emissions is to stand downwind at the property boundary, or at the premises from which complaints are being generated, when wind is passing through the construction site.

Reducing Silica Exposure in Manufacturing

Aug 02, 2017 · Prohibition of activities that encourage dust, such as dry sweeping and driving vehicles quickly through high dust areas; Consider Substitutes. Exposure risk can also be mitigated by using silica replacements in activities like sandblasting as well as manufacturing processes.

How to Achieve Pharmaceutical Dust Control | Pharmaceutical

The manufacturing of products including vitamins, drugs, minerals, or herbs involves a broad range of processes that hold the potential to create harmful dust. Due to the potential effects on workers, pharmaceutical dust can present unique challenges and threats if left uncontrolled.

Controlling the risk of dust exposure to workers in mines

Suppress dust by using water sprays on stockpiles and roads, and when using machinery and cutting equipment. Use additive in water sprays to suppress dust and adjust the droplet size of the spray according to dust particle size. Use enclosures (e.g. covered conveyors, enclosed cabs on vehicles, plant and equipment).

Plant Engineering | Five reasons to practice dust control

The use of vacuums to remove dust is almost always recommended as a preferred method of removing fugitive dust. Rather than redistributing dust, industrial vacuum cleaners remove dusts and therefore reduce or eliminate the previously mentioned hazards. Certainly, the most dramatic hazard associated with dust is secondary explosion.

Road Dust Suppression Products | Global Road Technology

Jun 03, 2016 · Road and/or Dust suppression solutions can reduce the negative aspects dust has in both scenarios. Rural Roads GRT dust suppression products will reduce water consumption for dust suppression conserving the depletion of the surrounding aquifers, whilst improving overall driver safety on rural road networks,

Control of Silica Dust in Construction: Heavy Equipment and

Engineering Control Methods: Enclosed cab (when only the operator is exposed) OR water sprays and/or dust surfactants (a dust suppressant) The application of water and/or dust suppressants can help to reduce exposure to dust when operating heavy equipment or utility vehicles for tasks such as grading and excavating.

Selection, performance and economic T evaluation of dust

Excessive dust generation from unpaved mine haul roads is a problem common to most surface mining operations. While optimal road wearing course material selection parameters reduce the inherent dust generation potential, they do not totally eliminate fugitive dust. Many different classes of suppression or palliative


3.0 DUST CONTROL PLAN Control of dust will be a high priority during remediation activities. The primary mechanism for dust control will be the use of water trucks with a spray bar and hose(s). Only potable water will be used for dust control purposes. Proactive controls will be

10 ways a dust collection system can contribute to your plant

Sep 26, 2012 · Welding fumes and other airborne contaminants no longer can be exhausted outdoors. Use a collector with a VFD and NEMA Premium efficiency fan motor. Make sure the collector is sized properly. Because an industrial dust collector is designed to rid a factory environment of dust and fumes, it is inherently green.

Covia DST Dust-Suppression Technology Gaining Significant

Feb 04, 2020 · Breakthrough technology reducing potential exposure to silica dust during product manufacturing Covia DST Dust-Suppression Technology Gaining Significant Momentum with Industry-Leading Companies

The Lime Industrys Problem of Airborne Dust

control would dictate corrugated covers over the belt conveyors to reduce wind-age losses, careful hooding at transfer points connected to air exhausters, and hooding or evacuating of crushing ma-chinery to eliminate dusting. Many plants currently collect the dust from exhaust systems with simple cyclones, or water spray chambers. With tighter


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